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This form is to be filled only by practicing Software developers. This form is in no way representing us as a recruiter for any specific organization. We simply link up Software developers to Software Project Clients who will be requiring their skills or services for a time frame. If you are looking for jobs you should seek recruitment sites. The information you supply about yourself will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and will NEVER be disclosed to any third-party agent without your express consent. Kindly note that we will charge a 20% fees for every successful "deal" based on the overall contract value of the project. We respect agreements and MOU so your interest will be very well protected. By filling this form you have expressly declared that you are above 18 years of age and that you consented to this form of your own discretion without any pressure whatsoever. If you fill this form maliciously or with the intent of mischief, we will know and you will be automatically BLOCKED from future interaction with us. You also, by filling this form, agree that filling this form does NOT in anyway imply expressly or implicitly that you have entered into a Contract with us. You are only required to PAY when all parties involved have AGREED to all terms of Contract. You have also agreed to keep Confidential all information that you are privileged to see during the course of this project and to the future according to our Non-disclosure agreement(NDA) which you must sign before we have any dealings whatsoever with you.
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List your skills e.g. API integration, Payment integration, Android Apps, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Facebook SDK, Cordova,
Please list your past web or app development jobs. Specify URLs so that they can be verified. Don't just mention what you did, also include links to online portfolios where we can find these artifacts(e.g. link to your app on app store or web links)
This could be your previous employer or the client you worked for or even a colleague or partner who you collaborated with on this job. It is important that we verify that you actually accomplished the job. That is integrity!
Do you have a website, a Facebook profile or other social media profile. As a professional you ought to have some form of online presence no matter how basic.
Please state how many years of experience you have in Software development. Please be truthful. Years of experience might not be as critical as the Quality of your delivery.
Provide how much you charge for Software development service per hour. We expect you to be experienced well enough in this field to be able to appropriately evaluate how many hours you put into typical software development works.(Quote in NGN)in
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